Your Power Echoes

YPE128 Should You Put Your Life on Hold while Building A Business? LEGACY

February 20, 2020

This is the Kalungi Group Podcast series "Your Power Echoes" brought to you by Julie Syl Kalungi of Liverpool Northwest UK. In today's episode, I ask a Question: "Should You Put Your Life on Hold while Building A Business? Esp. if you believe you are building a LEGACY!" Visit the blog for more FREE power trainings and details.

The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About building a business is, IT takes TIME and that time is YOUR LIFE. Your Life has a Clock ticking so, how can you deliver all you need to without pushing the envelope on your health, relationships, spiritual life, etc.? What I know is, you do need a huge dose of Self-Discipline and Self-responsibility to build a business that serves your goals and lifestyle while also serving others effectively.  If you are a new marketer, or new to your business esp. in network marketing, MLM, Direct selling you need to tune in to this Podcast



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