Your Power Echoes

YPE124 - From Wall Street, Lehman Brothers, To Marrakesh and London, To Dream Detective

October 18, 2019

Its unusual to find someone throw in the towel from a cushy Banking Career in Wall Street and the New York lifestyle to Find your WHY and become a Dream Detective. Yet that is exactly what Sheila Balgobin. Her journey took her from New York to London and she attributes her dreams as having saved her from 911 and the twin towers destruction. She fills Julie Syl on what happened in this special episode. PLUS in our postscript "Your Power Echoes," Kalungi Group digs deeper with several details of how She transformed her life and is now building a business she loves. Plus her next exciting project a retreat in Marrakesh for a Spiritual awakening. 


This is the Kalungi Group Podcast series "Your Power Echoes" brought to you by Julie Syl Kalungi of Liverpool Northwest UK. In today's episode, we interviews Ms Sheila Balgobin  aka The Dream Detective. Sheila also makes a living writing poetry and creating custom made Essences with natural plants for the Savvy and woken person. 

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