Your Power Echoes

You Want To Attract More of what you want Including More Sales, Here is How.

August 2, 2022

Best known as the no-nonsense Digital media and branding coach to voluntary organisations, startups, and Social Enterprises. Julie Syl has helped thousands of business owners reach their goals without the usual BS that comes with the digital space.  

Top 3 Value Bombs:

  1. The way we connect with the problem we solve allows us to create the right message for our customers.
  2. Your clients will usually come from your customers. Aim to delight both. The comparison game gets you nowhere.
  3. The position you're in right now is the perfect place to dial in the message you send out to attract your desired ministry subscribers, stakeholders, customers, clients, etc. Julie Syl’s Masterclass in starting a Social Media Conversation that gets sales – Claim it Now

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